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Sample Complaint Letter for Workplace Bullying

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A sample complaint letter reporting about bullying in the workplace.

Irene Adler

856 Buhwo Road

Roseville, Nebraska 25233

31 September 2016


Phone: 325 888 5540

Email: tflairs64@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about bullying at workplace


Joseph Reigns

HR Manager

Coscall Communications Pvt. Ltd

6 Church High S

Brooklyn, NY 55604


Dear Mr. Reigns,

I am writing to you to report an unfortunate incident that occurred with me at the office on 20th August 2016. I believe that I have been a subject of workplace bullying by my colleague, Mr. Stephen Webber.

The incident took place on the mentioned date when Mr. Webber came into my cabin and started hurling abuses and passed lewd remarks intended at me. He ridiculed my physicality and called me names citing my alleged inefficiency. He repeated such behavior twice in that week. Two of colleagues, Mr. Simon Penn and Ms. Gogrvia Phomel, were witness to this and will attest to it.

I would request you to consider this letter as a formal complaint violating Rule No. 29 of the Employee Rulebook. In case you need to issue an investigation into the case, I will co-operate with the proceedings in every way. I hope your intervention will restore the harmonious and neutral environment of work that we have so far enjoyed.


Irene Adler.

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