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A Sample Teacher Complaint Letter

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A complaint letter about the substandard teaching quality of a school teacher.

[Letter]Naomi Steyn

145 E Church High Street

Los Angeles, CA 91005

25 August 2016


Email: nomsten2002@gmail.com

Phone: 477 665 9369


Subject: Complaint about teacher


Lex Gethin

The Principal

Gretchen High School

241, Pembroke Way

Dixon, CA 95054


Dear Mr. Gethin,

I am writing to inform you about the substandard teaching quality of Mrs. James Parker, who is the class teacher of fourth grade. My daughter, Alicia Steyn is the student of the same class.

Alicia was initially excited about Mrs. Parker’s teaching styles. However, I gradually realized that she is failing to communicate the basic concepts in class. The classes have become more of a casual, interactive forum as Mrs. Parker does not make any effort to teach. As a result of this, Mrs. Parker has not been able to complete the syllabus for the final examinations.

I request you to take steps to redress this issue at your earliest leisure. I can meet you personally to discuss the issue if needed.


Naomi Steyn.[/Letter]

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