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Sample Student Complaint Letter

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A sample complaint letter written to the school principal about the undisciplined nature of some students.

Jimmy Saxton

856 Bore Street

Phoenix, AZ 85123

30 September 2016


Phone: 325 108 0590

Email: jasazton004@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint to school principal about undisciplined students

Brad Penn

West End School

61 Bover E

Phoenix, AZ 87006


Dear Mr. Penn,

I am writing to you to bring to your notice the behavior and demeanor of some students which I deem uncouth and undisciplined.

For the past couple of weeks, I have observed three students of the ninth standard, Robert Smith, Will Calloway and Robert Johnson, behaving in a reckless way with some of their classmates. I have even received verbal complaints against them. When I approached them to resolve the issue, they verbally abused me without any signs of penitence or repentance.

I think it is fit that you take the matter into cognizance and arrange for the strictest measure against these students.


Jimmy Saxton.

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