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Sample Termination Acceptance Letter

1934 Times Downloaded

Sample letter of acceptance of the termination of contract between two firms.

Alfred Gaspar

Supply Chain Manager

TKU Construction

14, 5th Street

Montpellier, VT 05603

12th February, 2017


Phone: 802 691 3547

Email: freddygasp@tkucons.com


Subject: Acceptance of Termination Letter dated 10th February, 2017

Daniel Gillespie

Supplies Manager

CBN Suppliers

74, Refinement Strip

Burlington, VT 05406

Dear Mr. Gillespie,

We have received your letter of termination and with great disappointment accept the same. We regret that your shipment to you got delayed on the 5th of this month, and can understand the problems your firm must have faced as a result. We confirm that we will dispatch the next batch of supplies, scheduled for the 15th of February, and ensure that they reach your storage facility within time.

We have enclosed some of our updated brochures so that if in the future you want to reopen our partnership, not a moment is wasted in formalities.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused once again.


Alfred Gaspar

TKU Construction

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