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Sample Tender Acceptance Letter

1927 Times Downloaded

A sample letter of acceptance of tender from one company to another.

Roger Plant

Executive Director

BTO Enterprises,

47B, Golden Greens Lane

Boise, ID 83758

15th February, 2017


Phone: 208 149 7635

Email: roger.plant@btoenterprises.net


Subject: Acceptance of Tender

Mr. James Mir


Gentoo Oil Producers

54, Rothman Road

Boise, ID 83774

Dear Mr. Mir,

We would like to inform you that we have accepted your tender proposal dated 13th February 2017 for the supply of 150 office light bulbs for the Boise City Hall. You are requested to get the shipment delivered no later than 25th February kindly.

Per the offer in your tender, you will be charging us $8 per bulb, and we accept this price.

We will send you all the terms and conditions of our agreement shortly which you will need to sign and return. We look forward to a fruitful business association with you.


Roger Plant

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