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Sample Sponsorship Acceptance Letter

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A letter of acceptance written by a firm that had been requested to sponsor a charity event organized by a non-profit organization.

Otis Gibbs

Chief Financial Officer

Gray Nicholson & Co.

223, Bakers Street

Durham, NC 27708

25th February, 2017


Phone: 919 527 1463

Email: otisgibbs@gnicholsandco.com


Subject: Acceptance of sponsorship request for the upcoming event on 5th March 2017

Jessica Nielson

Child Rescue & Poverty Fighters

25C, Mattock Square

Durham, NC 27709

Dear Ms. Nielson,

We have received your request to sponsor the upcoming charity event on the above date at the Durham Park, and are pleased to inform you that our management has agreed to sponsor said event.

We have decided to provide 200 coloring pencils and canned food products for the occasion, in addition to a donation of $2,000 to your organization for the noble work that it is doing.

We look forward to the event and wish it success.


Otis Gibbs

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