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Sample Scholarship Acceptance Letter

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Sample letter from a university to a student whose application for a scholarship has been accepted.

Harry Rutherford

B12, Beaver Street,

Head of the Department of Psychology

Nemkar University

Dulles, VA 20189

10th November, 2016


Phone: 571 596 7514

Email: hrutherform@nemkaruni.com


Subject: Application for Scholarship accepted

Ms. Tea Eckhart

14, Pika Road

Townsville, East Virginia 75013

Dear Ms. Eckhart,

We are pleased to inform you that your application for a scholarship in the Psychology Department of our University has been accepted. The scholarship will be given to you in 4 installments, the first of which will be disbursed after verifying your enrollment in the 1st semester and the remainder throughout the next semesters. The total value of this scholarship will be $2000.

The scholarship will be provided by the Education Foundation which donates funds towards the higher education of deserving candidates every year. We are confident this scholarship will help you inch closer towards your dreams and achieve them eventually. There are hundreds of applications for scholarships every year and it is given only to the deserving few.

We congratulate you this achievement and wish you best for your time at Nemkar University, as you can now concentrate entirely on your studies without having to worry about the finances.


Harry Rutherford

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