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Sample Risk Acceptance Letter

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A letter written from one company to another accepting the risks involved with a particular project.

William Healy


Tubai Builders LLC

Manchester, NH 03105

3rd December, 2016


Phone: 603 521 8974

Email: willheal@2buy.net


Subject: Acceptance of risk intimated via letter ref. 1st December, 2016

John Derringer

Risk Assessment Department

ABC Construction

Manchester, NH 03108

Dear Mr. Derringer,

We have received your above-referenced risk assessment letter and thank you for the intimation of the same. We accept the risks involved with the project and approve you to go ahead with the project.

We do, however, want to get risks assessed by our engineers before we agree to the revised pricings and other relevant matters regarding the undertaking.

I look forward to our firms getting together to work out the risks associated with this project as the rewards for successful completion will be astronomical. Wish you the best.


William Healy

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