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Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

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A sample acceptance letter written by the human resources manager to an employee who has tendered his resignation.

Hiya Turner

Human Resources Manager

XYZ & Associates LLC

277, Gladstone Road

Los Angeles, California, 90101

10th November, 2016


Phone: 562 856 0050

Email: hiyahello@xyz.com


Subject: Acceptance of resignation letter dated 11/5/2016

Mr. Ted Howell

59, Sedgwick Street

Los Angeles, CA 91601

Dear Ted,

This letter is to inform you that your resignation from your position as Senior Vice President of XYZ & Associates LLC has been accepted effective 15th November 2016 as per your request. Please keep up your good work during these last few days with the company.

We wish the best for all your future endeavors, and if needed, please do not hesitate to ask for references, which we will be glad to give.

It has been a pleasure working with you.


Hiya Turner

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