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Sample of an FMLA Termination Letter

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This is a sample Family and Medical Leave Allowance Termination letter to an employee from HR.

Ridley Scott

Senior HR Manager

Redwolf Marketing Ltd

7 High Street

Brooklyn, NY 55204


Phone: 505 420 4240

Email: ridscot10@gmail.com


Subject: Termination of FMLA

Brad Potts

6 Dine E

Brooklyn, NY 55204


Dear Mr. Potts,

I am writing to inform you that the FMLA leave that you are currently on is due to expire on 1st October 2016. Consider this letter as an early notice.

We would very much like you to return to work and for this, you must send me an email immediately to confirm your date of rejoining. If you are, however, unable to return to work due to your medical condition, then you can apply for an extension, but that will be without pay.


Let me know what you are planning to do at the earliest.


Ridley Scott.

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