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Sample Letter to Vendor Notifying Termination of Services

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Here is a sample letter reporting the termination of services of a vendor.

Dave Bautista


Diskog Services

Brooklyn, NY 11203

13 September 2016


Phone: 443 388 3240

Email: will.jones14@gmail.com


Subject: Termination of Services of Vendor

Chris Reeves

5 Line Street

Brooklyn, NY 15204


Dear Mr. Reeves,

This is to inform you that effective from 1st October 2016, Diskog Services will not be requiring the mineral bottles that you have been providing us from last month.

The contract is due to expire on 10th December 2016, but we have decided to terminate the contract early because of your horrible service. Consider this as an early notice. Since we are initiating the termination, we will not ask for any refund on the remainder of the time in the contract.

Please send us the relevant papers to complete the process. I wish the best for your company.


Dave Bautista.

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