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Sample Letter of Voluntary Termination of Employment by the Employee

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Here is a sample letter from an employee reporting the voluntary cessation of employment to HR

Dave Richards

5 Lexe S

Brooklyn, NY 11203

16 September 2016


Phone: 833 700 3240

Email: dave.ricss10@gmail.com


Subject: Voluntary termination of employment

Chris Reeves

Chief Operating Officer

Dinsu Marketing Services

5 Line Street

Brooklyn, NY 15204


Dear Mr. Reeves,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will resign from my post of Assistant Manager at your company effective from 2nd October 2016.

I have been holding this post for two years, but there has been no increment in my compensation. I believe with my skill set and experience I am entitled to get a better pay package. In fact, I am joining Violet Sun Productions, who are offering me a much higher compensation along with benefits.

Consider this letter as the two week’s notice. I wish all the luck for the company’s future.



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