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Sample Letter of Termination of an Medical Insurance Policy

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Here is a sample letter notifying the termination of medical insurance policy.

Jennifer Lopez

5 Bridge S

Brooklyn, NY 10203

13 September 2016


Phone: 455 788 2240

Email: jenny2009@gmail.com


Subject: Termination of Medical Insurance

Brad Reese


Healthline Insurance

6 Dine E

Brooklyn, NY 55204


Dear Mr. Reese,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am terminating my medical insurance with Healthline Insurance bearing No. 205128.

I have been your client for three years, and I was impressed by your services until last year when you failed to reimburse the money within the stipulated date. In spite of being repeatedly assured that my expenses will be taken care of as soon as I am admitted to the hospital, I had to pay the bills.

I am enclosing a copy of my policy papers and relevant documents. Please send me the appropriate paperwork required for this process. I wish the best for your company.


Jennifer Lopez.

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