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Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase

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A sample letter of intent written by a firm to another expressing the former’s interest in purchasing the latter.

Laurel Hardy

Managing Director

Technosmart Corp. Ltd.

43, Landowner’s Street

Manchester, NH 03105

31st March, 2017


Phone: 603 158 7249

Email: hardylaurel@technosmart.com


Subject: Letter of intent to purchase Sonic Boom LLC

Mr. Robin Jackson

Sonic Boom LLC

12, Tenant’s Avenue

Manchester, NH 03107

Dear Mr. Jackson,

This is a letter of intent for Technosmart Corp. Ltd. to purchase Sonic Boom LLC from you for $25,000. After an amount of $5,000 is given as an initial deposit, the balance of the purchase amount will be paid in installments on the starting date of each month for the next 6 months.

We will acquire Sonic Boom LLC, including all its assets, brand identity, logo, and customer lists.  We will need at least a month to examine all your financial statements and tax returns, and also the customer lists before we can finalize the purchase and pay the initial deposit. We would also request confidentiality about the acquisition from your end until the purchase agreement is signed, after which we can issue a joint statement.

This letter is not the official agreement of purchase and the conditions stated herein are subject to change during negotiations. Once we decide to purchase your business, we will complete the closing of the deal in the next 30 days.

Yours Faithfully,

Laurel Hardy

Technosmart Corp. Ltd.

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