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Sample Journal Acceptance Letter

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A sample letter of acceptance of a journal from a university to the writer.

Thomas Jones

Head of the Department of English

University of Illinois

1, Maiden Row

Chicago, IL 60616

11th February, 2017


Phone: 872 397 1489

Email: thojo@unillinois.com


Subject: Acceptance of Journal on ‘Romeo and Juliet’ dated 7th February

Mrs. Mila Denton

68, Patterson Avenue

Peoria, IL 61633

Dear Mrs. Denton,

It is my pleasure to inform you that we have accepted your journal paper on the nuances of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for publication without any alterations. We hope to publish it during the second fortnight of this month.

The documents that you have sent along with your journal have completed all necessary formalities.

Congratulations again, and in case you have any further queries, feel free to call or send an email on the contact details given above.


Thomas Jones

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