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Sample Donation Acceptance Letter

1850 Times Downloaded

A letter written by a library treasurer to a person who has made a large donation of books to the library.

Taryn Ferrel


OBR Library

23, Bono Street

Cleveland, OH 44192

1st December, 2016


Phone: 368 412 9832

Email: tferrel@obrl.com


Subject: Acceptance of donation of 50 books to OBR Library

Mr. Ahmed Tirkit

59, U2S Edge

Cleveland, OH 44126

Dear Mr. Tirkit

We are very grateful for the donation mentioned above and do not have any words to thank you for it. The books have been checked thoroughly and have been logged into the library, and the librarian has informed me that our members have already borrowed a few of them.

I am sure that the books will be immensely popular with our members, and a pleasant surprise fills me thinking that you parted with books such as these.

Thank you again for your kind donation.


Taryn Ferrel

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