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Sample Account Termination Letter

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Here is a sample letter notifying termination of a bank account.

Boris Ford

11 Park Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 12283

31st September 2016


Phone: 386 088 2523

Email: toris12@gmail.com


Subject: Termination of Bank Account

Hugh Bukowski


Sun Banks

6 Dover S

Manhattan, NY 23604

Dear Mr. Bukowski,

I am writing to inform you that I have newly opened a savings account at your branch on 1st August 2016 bearing the account number 19857428. I would like to close that account immediately.

During the account opening, I was informed by your staff that I would receive the debit card within seven days along with the check-book. I have received neither the check-book but not the ATM cum Debit Card.

It is impossible to conduct transactions through a bank that is so irresponsible. Send me the required papers as soon as possible.


Boris Ford.

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