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A Sample Complaint Letter to a Restaurant

1896 Times Downloaded

A sample letter written to the manager about poor dining experience and service at his restaurant.

Alexis Monroe

1120 N Street

Sacramento, CA 94003

28 September 2016


Phone: 875 408 9674

Email: alexpl@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about unsatisfactory service


Owen Johnson


The Seven Seas Restaurant

56 Prick Street

Brooklyn, NY 12304


Dear Mr. Johnson,

This is to bring to your notice that I visited your restaurant on 12th August 2016, like I do on most Saturdays. I have always had an exceptional dining experience at your restaurant, but on this day I had a dismal one.

Initially, there was a huge waiting line which is quite reasonable. What made me angry was that I saw some waiters taking bribes to let people enter before their turn. When I finally got a table after waiting for three hours, the waiters were late in both taking the order and serving it. The food was disgusting as the steak was half-cooked, the vegetables were raw and hard, and it even had an intense raunchy smell.

I have never had such an experience at your restaurant. So, I request you to look into the matter and restore the standard that Seven Seasons is known for.


Alexis Monroe.

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