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Even it wasn’t played I was informed by the guest that I was in a very ,,traditional” Polish wedding ceremony. What a disgrace that the people doesn’t even recognise their own musical historical past. That’s pretty good compared to my girlfriend’s father who handed out almost immediately after the civil ceremony. See, at the finish of the official marriage a colossal quantity of vodka was spread across the room. I was old it was traditional for the Suwalki area and was 70% proof. There was an excellent few underneath-9’s and myself who weren’t drinking, which in fact meant a new surplus of vodka.

And the picture of the meals here can also be most likely from Wielkopolska. Some of them didn’t…specially quantity of vodka was slightly bit scary.

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This article doesn’t seem to be written with a little bit of humour. Obviously POLES saw him as a POLE who may not be a “correct visitor”. Nobody makes you to eat the whole food you can see on the desk, nor you have to drink all vodka or dance to the 5 a.m. Now I’m ready to reed someing about conventional british wedding parties – written with a little bit of humour in fact.

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In summer time of 2009, I went to a wedding with my girlfriend in close to Krakow in Poland. They said there can single polish girls be performed solely Polish songs, so I received fairly excited since I haven’t studied them so much.

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This doesnt include the bottles people smuggled into the festivities to minimise price. One factor I learned from this publish and its comments is that there is a LOT of regional variation in Polish marriage ceremony customs. He just isn’t making snort at polish weddings, he is simply describing it in a humorous way. Obviously with slightly little bit of exaggeration, but that’s the point of this blog! It is nor a report about weddings in Poland, it is just very funny article written from somewhat bit different perspective. BTW – traditional Polish weddings particularly in rural space in mountains could possibly be 7 days long.

You’re already loosening your belt in anticipation of the approaching revelries when all of a sudden the bride and groom take a sharp left turn and disappear into some hitherto unnoticed wing of the church. Is something else tedious and detrimental to your buttocks happening?

Of course couple may take only civil marriage or two marriages – civil marriage is simply ceremony when one or each persons are divorced. In Poland church wedding ceremony isn’t legitimate in state legislation meaning and before signing concordat in 1993 there almost all the couples took wedding two instances – first in the workplace, second – in church or synagogue. I suppose in most regions you give money or gifts after Oczepiny not after the wedding ceremony. We had a full-monty Polish marriage ceremony, church & wesele, at some point variety and it was great!

Some of the knowledge is ok, however mostly you just don’t know the deeper meaning, the symbolic that means, e.g. the bread and salt, throwing the coins at them, and the job of one of the best- man! And when it comes to actual Polish weddings, all of it is determined by the area the place it’s, e.g. wedding in Polish mountains final for even 7 days sometimes!

An absolutely disgraceful, sacrilegious act to commit at a Polish wedding is to leave vodka undrunk. Same with guinness in Ireland, wine in France, club orange in Spain, sausages in Germany and beer in Britain. Of course, there were one other 17 between midnight and 2am so he didn’t starve. Thanks for the superb article, I am English however married in Poland, it was quite a tradition shock. I additionally had a restaurant in Poland, we catered for many weddings. The common vodka consu,ed over round 40 weedings was 2.8 bottles per person, per wedding ceremony.

I’m all the time barely sad at Brit weddings nowadays, such turgid affairs they’re. Off to the party, which might be in a wedding hall, a restaurant, or somebody’s back garden. On arrival everybody gets a drink and the bride and groom get salt and bread. Again, when you ever find yourself in this scenario, don’t panic – it’s just symbolic, it doesn’t imply you’re solely getting salt and bread for the rest of the night. One or different of the parents who’s job it’s to offer the bread and salt could make a short speech and begin blubbing at this point. Everything seems to be over and the newlywed couple are advancing back up the aisle in direction of the doorways.

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