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Sample Police Complaint Letter

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This is a sample complaint letter to the police reporting the slow investigation of a case.

Mary Vette

222 E Main Street

Dallas, TX 50023

30 September 2016


Phone: 725 198 7590

Email: mvatter4@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint to police about a recent burglary

Michael Bond


Dallas Police Department

6996 McCallum Blvd

Dallas, TX 70252


Dear Mr. Bond,

This is to bring to your notice that an unfortunate incident of burglary and theft took place at my residence on 15th August 2016. I had filed a report with the Dallas P.D, but there has been no response from the officials so far.

On the night of 15th August, I was woken up by the sound of glass breaking. Soon my husband and I were at the gunpoint of two burglars who took away $50000 from my safe. We were even at the receiving end of physical brutality as our heads were busted open. I had filed the report on the morning of 16/08/2016, but neither has any arrests been made nor there has been any substantial lead on the criminals.

I humbly request you to intervene in the investigation and punish the culprits as soon as possible.


Mary Vette.

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