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A Sample Noise Complaint Letter to Neighbour

1943 Times Downloaded

A sample complaint letter addressed to the neighbor about loud noise coming from his apartment.

John Nash

123, Riverdale Street

Los Angeles, CA 90025

25 August 2016


Email: thenash2019@gmail.com

Phone: 415 555 2343


Subject: Complaint to tenant about noise


Bret Slater

241, Gentick Street

Los Angeles, CA 90104


Dear Mr. Slater,

This is to bring to your notice that you are causing a disturbance in the neighborhood as loud noises are heard from your apartment regularly at odd hours.

For the past couple of weeks, the sounds coming from your apartment have increased in frequency and volume. Throughout the day bombastic sounds of music, stomping, and thudding are heard. Due to this, my newborn kid faces difficulty in sleeping. Some of the other neighbors have also complained about this matter and are willing to attest to this fact.

I respectfully request you to resolve the issue at your earliest leisure. If you fail to curb the loud noises coming from your apartment, I will have to take stringent steps.


John Nash.

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