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A Sample Complaint Letter to a Hotel

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A sample complaint letter addressed to the hotel manager informing him about a horrible staying experience.

Joseph Lilee

799E Drachman

Tuscon, AZ 89729

28 September 2016


Phone: 485 418 9591

Email: josephlilee@gmail.com


Subject: Poor experience complaint


Jeff Calloway


Sunshine Hotel

50 S Hare Street

Brooklyn, NY 15504


Dear Mr. Calloway,

This is regarding my stay at your hotel, Sunshine Hotel, from 15.08.2016 to 20.08.2016. I have been a regular customer at your hotel since I have to stay here to attend my office seminars. I have always received excellent hospitality and service from your staff. However, during my recent experience was unsatisfactory.

I was given room number 201 at your hotel. When I entered the room it was unclean; the beds were not made, and even the bathroom was not disinfected. I called room service, but they seemed reluctant to clean the room and came up after an hour. I wanted to complain to the floor manager but he was unavailable.

Such behavior and inefficiency are highly unprofessional. I request you look into the matter at your earliest leisure.


Joseph Lilee.

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