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A Sample Complaint Letter about Hostile Work Environment

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Here is a sample complaint letter to HR about the hostile environment at the workplace.

[Letter]Mickey Cohen

796 E Main Street

Phoenix, AZ 90045

24 August 2016


Phone: 425 988 6746

Email: mcash04@gmail.com


Subject: Hostile Work Environment Complaint


Howard Stark

HR Manager

Motor Industries Ltd.

710 Beat Drive

Phoenix, AZ 60420


Dear Mr. Stark,

This is to inform you that the working environment in the Communications Department has severely deteriorated, and all the employees are dissatisfied.

Such unfavorable atmosphere in the workplace became apparent after Mr. Jones joined as the Head of Communications. Not only does he engage in rampant favoritism giving some employees all the work but calls different employees to the office and chides them for not completing a work which was never even assigned to that employee. Personally, he has often treated me harshly and called me names without any reason.

I have stepped forward on the behalf of all the employees since I am the most senior employee in this department. All employees are willing to attest by this complaint.

I would respectfully request you to take cognizance of the issue and resolve the same at the earliest. I would appreciate discretion in this matter, since, I will have to work under Mr. Jones. You can reach me at the above-mentioned e-mail address or phone number.


Mickey Cohen.[/Letter]

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