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A Sample Complaint Letter about Harassment at Workplace

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Trish Flair

856 Fuhwo Road

Roseville, Nebraska 25233

26 September 2016


Phone: 325 808 0540

Email: tflairs64@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about physical harassment


Joseph Evans


HR Manager

FileHippo Communications Pvt. Ltd

6 Church High E

Brooklyn, NY 15604


Dear Mr. Evans,

I am writing to you to report an unfortunate incident that occurred with me at the office on 15th August 2016. I believe that I have been sexually harassed by my colleague, Mr. Richard Ponticelli.

The incident took place on the mentioned date when Mr. Ponticelli passed lewd remarks about female anatomy intended at me. He ridiculed my physicality and uttered obscenities about women in general. Two of colleagues, Mr. Simon Bale and Ms. Sofia Lomel, were witness to this and will attest to it.

I find this kind of behavior violating Clause No. 22 as set out in the Employee Handbook. I would request you to consider this letter as a formal complaint. In case you need to issue an investigation into the case, I will co-operate with the proceedings in all ways. I hope your intervention will restore the harmonious environment of work that FileHippo Communications is known for.


Trish Flair.

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