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Sample Food Poisoning Complaint Letter

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A sample letter written to the manager reporting about how the substandard quality of food of his restaurant led to food poisoning.

Chris Masters

112 E Street

Sacramento, CA 90003

31 September 2016


Phone: 875 008 9604

Email: chrismas@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about food quality that caused food poisoning

Owen Bills


The Parkes Restaurant

5 Rick Street

Brooklyn, NY 10374

Dear Mr. Masters,

This is to inform you that I had dined at your restaurant on 28th August, 2016 but my experience after that has been harrowing.

I felt the food was not right while having it. From the night of 28th itself, I started vomiting and showed signs of severe diarrhea. The doctor told me I have got food poisoning and he mentioned that it was possibly because of the food I ate at your restaurant.

I request you to inspect what was wrong with the food on that day and arrange for a financial compensation. If I do not receive any positive response from your side within 21 days, I will have to legal recourse.


Chris Masters

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