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A Sample Complaint Letter about Discrimination at Workplace

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Here is a sample complaint letter written to the HR Manager reporting about discrimination at the workplace.

Ang Lee

81 Park Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 10203

26th September 2016


Phone: 525 888 0543

Email: leeis72@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about discrimination


Howard Stark

HR Manager

Bandy Communications Pvt. Ltd

6 Hover Street S

Brooklyn, NY 15644


Dear Mr. Stark,

I am writing to inform you about the rude and discriminatory behavior of my supervisor, Mr. Andrew Finn towards me. I believe he is a racist who segregates me on the basis of my color and ethnicity which is revealed by his repeated unfavorable remarks about me.

Such behavior was apparent to me from last week when he suddenly started to call me names relating to my origin. He made comments about my skin color and how that was the reason for my alleged inefficiency. Let me point out that I had received a huge bonus last year based on my appraisal grade and I do not believe that my work standard has deteriorated.

His comments have continued since then, and I feel extremely stressed and cornered by what has transpired. I request you to look into the matter at your earliest leisure. If I don’t receive a satisfactory response from your side, I will have to take the matter up with the EEOC.


Ang Lee.

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