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Sample Complaint Letter to a Credit Card Company

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Here is a sample complaint letter written to a Credit Card Company informing about a dysfunctional credit card.

John Swan

23, Riverly Road

Los Angeles, CA 90045

31 August 2016


Phone: 023 888 0424

Email: jhswan02@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about dysfunctional card

Paul Rogers

Cross Banks Pvt. Ltd.

850 Francine Drive

Bertlot, IL 65420


Dear Mr. Rogers,

I am writing to bring to your attention that I have a Cross Bank’s Platinum Credit Card registered against my name. I have been using the card for the last two years, however, recently I have encountered a problem.

I am not able to make purchases with my credit card for the past week. I have not exceeded my credit limit and paid off all the dues last month. I had called up the Consumer Care section, but they seemed hapless and could not come up with an explanation or solution.

I respectfully request you look into the matter. I am attaching a copy of the account summary for your help. I hope for a positive response from your side.


John Swan.

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