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Sample Complaint Letter to Supplier

1989 Times Downloaded

Here is a sample complaint letter to a supplier about receiving unordered products.

Roger Barns

856 Bore S

Phoenix, AZ 85033

30 September 2016


Phone: 822 808 7599

Email: rbarns204@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint to supplier about unordered products

Daniel Reeves

Whiteswan Works Pvt. Ltd

61 Coover E

Phoenix, AZ 27008


Dear Mr. Reeves,

I am writing to bring to your attention to an anomaly in the supply that I have received this morning.

On 24th August 2016 I had ordered two home gyms from your company. This morning, when I was delivered the order, I found that you had sent me four home gyms and even billed accordingly. I assume that there has been some miscommunication.

I request you to take back this package and deliver the right order to me with the correct billed amount. I hope that you will co-operate and resolve the issue smoothly.


Roger Barns.

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