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Complaint Letter to School

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Here is a sample letter addressed to the principal of a school lodging a complaint about bullying.

[Letter]John Mathews

140, Dale Street

Los Angeles, CA 91025

25 August 2016


Email: jhemash2019@gmail.com

Phone: 425 655 1363


Subject: Complaint to school principal about bullying


Roaem Ambrose

The Principal

West End School

241, Gwick Street

Los Angeles, CA 91114


Dear Mr. Ambrose,

I am writing to you to inform about a serious issue that has been plaguing my child for the last month. My son, Robert Mathews of sixth grade, has repeatedly been harassed and bullied by three of his classmates.

My son is so traumatized due to the incessant activities of these miscreants that he is not even taking their names before me. All I have gathered from him is that the bullying affair started last month. He is afraid to go to school, and all his regular chores have come to a halt.

I respectfully request you to identify and take strict steps against these students. I hope that you will address the issue at the earliest.


Josh Mathews.[/Letter]

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