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Complaint Letter to Real Estate Agent

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A sample complaint letter to a real estate agent reporting about breach of contract.

Max Bayne

6 Bore S

Phoenix, AZ 75333

30 September 2016


Phone: 822 808 7599

Email: mbayne03@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint to real estate agent

Danny Beeves

Dream Estates Pvt. Ltd

67 E Main Street

Phoenix, AZ 77018


Dear Mr. Beeves,

I am writing to you to inform that I had booked an apartment in The Dolse Property on 1st November 2013. I was due to receive the keys of the apartment on 1st November 2015, but I have not been handed over the keys yet.

I have called up your office a number of times, but all I have received are vague promises. It has been nine months post the stipulated handover date, and I consider this a breach of contract.

I request you to resolve the issue within 21 days. If I do not receive any response from your side, I will have to take legal steps.


Max Bayne.

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