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A Sample Complaint Letter to Phone Company

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Here is a sample complaint letter reporting telephone line disturbance to the phone company.

[Letter]John Nash

123, Everly Road

Los Angeles, CA 90045

24 August 2016


Phone: 423 088 5424

Email: jnsash02@gmail.com


Subject: Telephone line disturbance complaint


The Authority,

Zeus Phones Ltd.

850 Francine Drive

Bartlet, IL 60420

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to bring to your notice a problem that I have been having with my telephone connection provided by your company. I subscribed to your telephone service on 12 the August 2014.

I am highly dissatisfied with the recent troubles that I have been facing with your service which include frequent disconnections, call drops, and dead telephone lines. I had informed about the issue to your local office in my area. However, they have done nothing to resolve it. Such unprofessional approach is unacceptable.

I look forward to hearing from you within 15 days with a possible solution to the problem. If I do not receive any response from your side, I will take the case up to the respective consumer agencies and consider my legal options. I am enclosing my bills and receipts of subscription. Please contact me at the above-mentioned address and phone number.


John Nash.[/Letter]

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