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A Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord about Neighbor

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This is a sample complaint letter to the landlord about a neighbor.

[Letter]John Mathews

123, Riverview Street

Los Angeles, CA 90125

25 August 2016


Email: jamat2009@gmail.com

Phone: 425 855 0343


Subject: Complaint about neighbor


Brian Greene

241, Bentick Street

Los Angeles, CA 90004


Dear Mr. Greene,

I am writing to you to complain about the incessant loud noises that are heard from my neighbor’s apartment who is one of your tenants.

The folks that stay in that apartment indulge in regular parties at night which are accompanied by loud music, dancing, and thudding. It is getting tough to sleep at night due to this. My son has school in the morning, and my wife and I have a pretty hectic schedule that starts early in the day.

I would request you to look into the matter and resolve the issue soon restoring a harmonious living environment.


John Mathews.[/Letter]

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