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A Sample Complaint Letter to a Hospital

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Here is a complaint letter written to a hospital administrator about a misleading diagnosis by an in-house doctor.

Donald Johnson

10 E Main Street

Phoenix, AZ 20233

26th September 2016


Phone: 525 888 0543

Email: d.johns033@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about misleading diagnosis


Josh Mathews


Get Well Hospital

6 N Street

Sacramento, CA 35004


Dear Mr. Mathews,

I am writing to bring to your notice an unfortunate incident that occurred with me on 16th August 2016 when I visited your hospital with immense pain in my elbow.

I fell down on the road and immediately felt that there was something wrong with the elbow. I rushed to your hospital as it was closest to the location. The receptionist guided me to the emergency room. After waiting for almost an hour in excruciating pain, finally, a doctor who went by the tag Dr. Mcmahon, inspected my arm and said it was nothing. He prescribed some painkillers, and I was allowed to leave without even an X-Ray. The pain did not subside and within a couple of hours, it almost became numb. I was rushed to GSV Hospital where they diagnosed a fracture and did the needful.

This letter is a formal complaint against Dr. Mcmahon, and I demand a written explanation about the cause of negligence. If I do not receive a satisfactory reply with two weeks, I will take the case up to consumer forums.


Donald Johnson.

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