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Sample Complaint Letter to a Car Company

1979 Times Downloaded

Here is a sample complaint letter written to a car company.

Eva Marie

23, Iverly W

Los Angeles, CA 95645

31 August 2016


Phone: 323 088 3424

Email: evmar02@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about breach of contract

Paul Rogers

Sigma Cars Pvt. Ltd.

850 Racine S

Bikslot, CA  65420


Dear Mr. Rogers,

This is to inform you that I had purchased a Montage HT from your dealership on 28th September 2015. However, the local Sigma Service Center is not providing me free car check-up and maintenance.

In the buying contract, it was clearly stated that I am entitled to receive free service on my car for a year which in my case becomes 28th September 2016. When I approached the local service center to carry out a mechanical servicing on my car, they informed that the policy has changed and that I will have pay for the service.

Consider this letter as a formal complaint citing breach of contract. I want a proper explanation from your side, failing which I will take legal measures.


Eva Marie.

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