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A Sample Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager

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A sample letter addressed to the apartment manager to resolve the issue of poor maintenance.

Torrie Sampson

51 Park Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11203

26th September 2016


Phone: 586 888 3583

Email: toris12@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint about bad maintenance


Hugh Mauberley

Apartment Manager

Boris Estates

6 Coover Street

Manhattan, NY 10604


Dear Mr. Mauberley,

I am writing to inform you about the horrendous state of maintenance and mismanagement that is going on in Boris Estates.

Boris Estates used to be known for its tidy, neat and up to the mark maintenance. Since last month, I have noticed a degradation in the way the service personnel work. They do not come regularly, the floors are not swept, the landfill is not cleaned out, and the ceilings of the common spaces are all flaking off.

I do not know if you have already noticed, but consider this letter as a formal complaint. I urge you to restore the standard maintenance process that was in place before. If I see no improvement within 21 days, I will have to consider legal options.

Torrie Sampson.

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