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A Sample Complaint Letter about Co-Worker

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Sample complaint letter to the HR about a conflict with the co-worker.

[Letter]John Jones

50 Bridge Street

Brooklyn, NY 11203

27 September 2016


Phone: 415 288 9740

Email: j.jones04@gmail.com


Subject: Complaint against Co-Worker


Brad Reeves

Senior HR Manager

Velvet Industries Ltd.

560 Pine Street

Brooklyn, NY 15204


Dear Mr. Reeves,

This is to bring to your notice that a conflict has arisen between my co-worker in the Production Department, Mr. Nicole Johnson and me.

It started with our initial disagreement over some protocols and laws relating to production. It slowly graduated to a personal tussle where we were trying to pull each other down at every possible opportunity.

Things have only gone south from that point, and I am experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety because of this. Coming to office has become a strenuous affair.

I am a responsible and loyal employee of your company, and I apprehend that such a situation can lead to gross unproductivity and tension in the department. I would request you to intervene and resolve the issue at your earliest convenience.


John Jones.[/Letter]

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