Noise Complaint Letter to Tenant

John Nash

123, Riverdale Street

Los Angeles, CA 90025

25 August 2016



Phone: 415 555 2343


Subject: Complaint to tenant about noise


Bret Slater

241, Gentick Street

Los Angeles, CA 90104


Dear Mr. Slater,

This is to bring to your notice that you are causing a disturbance in the neighborhood as loud noises are heard from your apartment regularly at odd hours.

For the past couple of weeks, the sounds coming from your apartment have increased in frequency and volume. Throughout the day bombastic sounds of music, stomping, and thudding are heard. Due to this, my newborn kid faces difficulty in sleeping. Some of the other neighbors have also complained about this matter and are willing to attest to this fact.

I respectfully request you to resolve the issue at your earliest leisure. If you fail to curb the loud noises coming from your apartment, I will have to take stringent steps.


John Nash.

Teacher Complaint Letter

Naomi Steyn

145 E Church High Street

Los Angeles, CA 91005

25 August 2016



Phone: 477 665 9369


Subject: Complaint about teacher


Lex Gethin

The Principal

Gretchen High School

241, Pembroke Way

Dixon, CA 95054


Dear Mr. Gethin,

I am writing to inform you about the substandard teaching quality of Mrs. James Parker, who is the class teacher of fourth grade. My daughter, Alicia Steyn is the student of the same class.

Alicia was initially excited about Mrs. Parker’s teaching styles. However, I gradually realized that she is failing to communicate the basic concepts in class. The classes have become more of a casual, interactive forum as Mrs. Parker does not make any effort to teach. As a result of this, Mrs. Parker has not been able to complete the syllabus for the final examinations.

I request you to take steps to redress this issue at your earliest leisure. I can meet you personally to discuss the issue if needed.


Naomi Steyn.

Complaint Letter to School

Josh Mathews

140, Dale Street

Los Angeles, CA 91025

25 August 2016



Phone: 425 655 1363


Subject: Complaint to school principal about bullying


Roaem Ambrose

The Principal

West End School

241, Gwick Street

Los Angeles, CA 91114


Dear Mr. Ambrose,

I am writing to you to inform about a serious issue that has been plaguing my child for the last month. My son, Robert Mathews of sixth grade, has repeatedly been harassed and bullied by three of his classmates.

My son is so traumatized due to the incessant activities of these miscreants that he is not even taking their names before me. All I have gathered from him is that the bullying affair started last month. He is afraid to go to school, and all his regular chores have come to a halt.

I respectfully request you to identify and take strict steps against these students. I hope that you will address the issue at the earliest.


Josh Mathews.

Complaint Letter About Your Boss

Jessie Parker

50 Line Street

Brooklyn, NY 11203

27 September 2016


Phone: 425 408 9540



Subject: Complaint about boss


Robert Baird

Senior HR Manager

Wizard Industries Ltd.

56 Paine Street

Brooklyn, NY 15204


Dear Mr. Baird,

This letter is to inform you about the current problems that I am facing at the workplace due to the abusive and harsh behavior of my boss, Mr. Sean Rayes.

I had a minor conflict with Mr. Rayes about the marketing strategy of a product launch in July. Since then, he has been harassing me before colleagues, making fun of me and even maligning my character. He calls me to his office and makes lewd remarks which are followed by an extensive list of my apparent incompetencies.

I feel extremely stressed and troubled. I am a hard working employee of this company but presently a regular day in the office leaves me exasperated. I humbly request you to take steps against Mr. Rayes and resolve the issue. I would request anonymity as I still work under him.


Jessie Parker.

Lost Luggage Complaint Letter

Dan Matthews
221 Parkrow Boulevard
California 732101

Phone: 434 228 0450


Sub: Lost Luggage Complaint

The Authority,
British Airways Ltd.
Norfolk, England

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an American, who has been a loyal customer and frequent traveler of your airline since the past one decade, and my traveling experiences have always been excellent. However, my recent most flight on your airline turned out to be an incubus experience, after I lost my luggage during my travel, and this letter is to request compensation for my losses.

On October 14, 2015, I traveled on Flight 333 from New York to London. But I was shocked after reaching my destination, and went to the luggage claim area, and discovered that my luggage is missing! I instantly contacted the baggage claim representative (one Frederick Johnson), who assured me that my baggage would be on the way in the next flight and advised me to wait until the next flight lands. I waited for a few hours for the same, but surprisingly, my luggage never arrived.

Finally, Mr. Johnson asked me to fill up a ‘luggage claim form’ when it became apparent that my luggage was gone for good. Soon after, I was assured that I would receive compensation against my luggage within a period of 90 days. However, to my further surprise, that stipulated deadline period is already over almost two months ago, but I still haven’t received any compensation or an email/call from the end of the airlines authority.

Incidentally, my lost luggage contained extremely valuable things, including some important documents and many other expensive items. I have been making phone calls to the British Airways office for an update, but in vain, since nobody could inform me about the present status of my claim!

I am enclosing a list of all the items that my lost baggage contained, and their estimated costs along with (attached); and at this stage, I must insist that, you reimburse me the amount urgently.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,
Dan Matthews.

Hostile Work Environment Complain Letter

Mickey Cohen

796 E Main Street

Phoenix, AZ 90045

24 August 2016


Phone: 425 988 6746



Subject: Hostile Work Environment Complaint


Howard Stark

HR Manager

Motor Industries Ltd.

710 Beat Drive

Phoenix, AZ 60420


Dear Mr. Stark,

This is to inform you that the working environment in the Communications Department has severely deteriorated, and all the employees are dissatisfied.

Such unfavorable atmosphere in the workplace became apparent after Mr. Jones joined as the Head of Communications. Not only does he engage in rampant favoritism giving some employees all the work but calls different employees to the office and chides them for not completing a work which was never even assigned to that employee. Personally, he has often treated me harshly and called me names without any reason.

I have stepped forward on the behalf of all the employees since I am the most senior employee in this department. All employees are willing to attest by this complaint.

I would respectfully request you to take cognizance of the issue and resolve the same at the earliest. I would appreciate discretion in this matter, since, I will have to work under Mr. Jones. You can reach me at the above-mentioned e-mail address or phone number.


Mickey Cohen.

Dog Barking Complaint Letter Template

Jack Mathews

129 Maxville Road

Los Angeles, CA 90006

23 August 2016


Phone: 405 218 9742



Subject: Dog Barking Complaint


Briana Hawthorne

560 Line Street

Brooklyn, NY 15204


Dear Mrs. Hawthorne,

This is to inform you that I live just across your house. I guess we don’t know each other well as I have moved in a couple of weeks ago.

I would humbly like to bring to your attention that your dog has been barking throughout the night at irregular hours for the past two weeks which is not letting me sleep peacefully. I would be grateful if you can find a solution to this problem at the earliest.

Please remember that this is not a hostile letter as I am a dog lover and yours is very adorable. I hope that you would be kind enough to fix the issue.

With kind regards,

Jack Jones.

Co-Worker Complaint Letter

John Jones

50 Bridge Street

Brooklyn, NY 11203

27 September 2016


Phone: 415 288 9740



Subject: Complaint against Co-Worker


Brad Reeves

Senior HR Manager

Velvet Industries Ltd.

560 Pine Street

Brooklyn, NY 15204


Dear Mr. Reeves,

This is to bring to your notice that a conflict has arisen between my co-worker in the Production Department, Mr. Nicole Johnson and me.

It started with our initial disagreement over some protocols and laws relating to production. It slowly graduated to a personal tussle where we were trying to pull each other down at every possible opportunity.

Things have only gone south from that point, and I am experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety because of this. Coming to office has become a strenuous affair.

I am a responsible and loyal employee of your company, and I apprehend that such a situation can lead to gross unproductivity and tension in the department. I would request you to intervene and resolve the issue at your earliest convenience.


John Jones.

Complaint Letter to Phone Company

John Nash

123, Everly Road

Los Angeles, CA 90045

24 August 2016


Phone: 423 088 5424



Subject: Telephone line disturbance complaint


The Authority,

Zeus Phones Ltd.

850 Francine Drive

Bartlet, IL 60420

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to bring to your notice a problem that I have been having with my telephone connection provided by your company. I subscribed to your telephone service on 12 the August 2014.

I am highly dissatisfied with the recent troubles that I have been facing with your service which include frequent disconnections, call drops, and dead telephone lines. I had informed about the issue to your local office in my area. However, they have done nothing to resolve it. Such unprofessional approach is unacceptable.

I look forward to hearing from you within 15 days with a possible solution to the problem. If I do not receive any response from your side, I will take the case up to the respective consumer agencies and consider my legal options. I am enclosing my bills and receipts of subscription. Please contact me at the above-mentioned address and phone number.


John Nash.

Complaint Letter to Landlord about Neighbor

John Mathews

123, Riverview Street

Los Angeles, CA 90125

25 August 2016



Phone: 425 855 0343


Subject: Complaint about neighbor


Brian Greene

241, Bentick Street

Los Angeles, CA 90004


Dear Mr. Greene,

I am writing to you to complain about the incessant loud noises that are heard from my neighbor’s apartment who is one of your tenants.

The folks that stay in that apartment indulge in regular parties at night which are accompanied by loud music, dancing, and thudding. It is getting tough to sleep at night due to this. My son has school in the morning, and my wife and I have a pretty hectic schedule that starts early in the day.

I would request you to look into the matter and resolve the issue soon restoring a harmonious living environment.


John Mathews.